At a Glance Islami Bank Institute of Health Technology, Rajshahi

Islami Bank Institute of Health Technolog, Rajshahi (IBIHTR), is a challenging venture of islami Bank Foundation (IBF) in the field of medical education and health services delivery system. The institution has been founded with the moto of cultivation of one’s inner unexplored potentials contributing to the development of self as well as the community at large in the form of highly educated, trained and skilled medical technologist. It also aims at a phasewise establishment of specialized higher educational and training institutions of medical science.

  • Establisted:      2006-2007.
  • Gov Registered:            12.06.2007.
  • Education Start:             2007-2008. (Session)
  • Present Departments:   Labratory Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Radiology and Imaging.

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